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Forgotten, damaged or lost luggage

Left behind on board

If we find items left behind on board, we always make sure to bring them home to our departure airports. We then hand in the forgotten item to the airport’s lost property service.

It is therefore the lost property department at your departure airport that you turn to if you forgot something on board:

Bagport lost property, level 1 terminal 5.
The request is made via, select lost property/lost luggage.

Search for lost goods can be done via, select Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. Found goods are usually registered within 24 hours.


Damaged and lost luggage

Damage or loss of luggage must be reported immediately and in person to the airline’s representative at the airport. You will receive a copy of the loss registration, a so-called PIR report. If something should happen to your luggage, you will be compensated in accordance with the airline’s current regulations.

Please note that the airlines’ compensation for lost or damaged baggage is limited. If you have travel insurance/home insurance, it usually also applies to damaged and lost luggage. Please check with your insurance company.

Have you already filed a PIR report for damaged baggage at the airport, please follow the link to complete your claim Novair Bagsupport.

If you have any other questions regarding delayed or damaged baggage you can contact Novair at [email protected].

Here you will find information about our baggage rules on board Novair