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Forgotten, damaged or lost luggage

Left behind on board

If we find items left behind on board, we always make sure to bring them home to our departure airports. We then hand in the forgotten item to the airport’s lost property service.

It is therefore the lost property department at your departure airport that you turn to if you forgot something on board:

Bagport lost property, level 1 terminal 5.
The request is made via, select lost property/lost luggage.

Search for lost goods can be done via, select Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. Found goods are usually registered within 24 hours.


Damaged and lost luggage

If your checked-in baggage is damaged when collected at the arrival airport, you must immediately – before going through customs – contact Novair handling agent who is responsible for baggage handling after landing, to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) . Within 7 days you are to register your claim at Novair Bagsupport.

Since some airports have more than one arrival service, it is important to approach the correct counter, fx SAS Ground Handling at Arlanda.

Please note that if you have collected your baggage and left the arrivals hall without reporting the damage to our handling agent, and without completing a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), the baggage will be deemed to have been returned to you in good condition.

Be aware that the airlines’ compensation for lost or damaged baggage is limited to max SDR 1000,-. If you have a travel/home insurance, it may apply for damaged and lost luggage. It is to your convenience to check with your own insurance company.

You are responsible for ensuring that your baggage is suitable for air transport.

Novair does not grant any compensation for damage that is due to errors and defects relating to the nature of the baggage, or for damage due to over-packed baggage, cosmetic and/or superficial damage as a consequence of wear and tear during transport – including minor scratches, cracks, dents, stains/dirt, damage to wheels, handles, supporting feet, pull-up handles/straps, attached locks and zipper tabs, or damage related to broken locks. For security reasons your baggage may be examined without your presence/knowledge – if necessary by breaking the lock.

Novair does not cover any type of damage to baggage or effects that may not be carried on the flight, and/or that may not be contained in the checked baggage. Damage to particularly valuable, particularly important or fragile effects, such as bottles, cameras, jewelry, electronic devices, securities or other valuables, will thus not be covered.

Particularly fragile baggage such as, but not limited to, sports equipment, bicycles, prams and pushchairs, which have not been packed in Airshells protection bag or equivalent protection/hard packaging approved for air transport, will only be accepted at your own risk.

Compensation for delay at holiday destination

If the checked-in suitcase or the like holiday baggage (not including special baggage) is delayed at the holiday destination for more than eight hours, Novair offers a compensation of 100 € pr. suitcase, which in some cases will be disbursed through the travel agency at the destination.

The amount, which is a one-off payment, is meant to cover the most necessary such as toiletries and clothing . To receive additional compensation, we advice our passengers to contact their own baggage insurance agent.

If the checked-in ‘Special Baggage’, such as for example prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs and sporting equipment are delayed for at the holiday destination for more than eight hours, Novair offers, after having seen documentation, to cover the expense to rent corresponding  equipment until the ‘Special Baggage’ arrives.

For compensation for damage or lost special baggage please find the form her

Novair does not offer compensation for delayed baggage on the return flight.

If you have any other questions regarding delayed or damaged baggage you can contact Novair at [email protected].

Here you will find information about our baggage rules on board Novair