Baggage rules when flying with Novair

Checked in bagage

In order to be able to check in a suitcase at the airport, you must buy a baggage allowance from your tour operator. Choose what suits you and only pay for as many bags as you want to check in. Hand luggage is always included. Please note that Novair’s maximum permissible baggage weight must be observed. It is possible to buy luggage allowance at the airport, but at a higher cost.

Baggage that is checked in must be packed to withstand handling at the airport and transportation in the hold of the aircraft. Novair is not responsible for valuables packed inside checked in baggage. Baggage that is not a suitcase, bag or backpack is considered as special baggage with special rules. Read about special baggage and sports equipment

If you whish to cancel any extra purchased luggage, please note that this must be done 4 days prior to departure, for full compensation . Cancelation made later than 4 days prior to departure, will have to be addressed to your insurance company.

Permissible maximum weight

The maximum weight allowed for checked-in baggage is 20 kg + a maximum of 5 kg in hand luggage.

Allowed maximum weight for checked baggage

Please note that according to international regulations, checked-in baggage must never weigh more than 32 kilos per package – regardless of whether you, as a passenger, choose to pay for the excess weight or share luggage with the travel party. Baggage that exceeds 32 kilos is handled as cargo, alternatively the weight can be distributed to several parcels

Extra baggage weight

If you want to bring more baggage weight than allowed, you can pre-book excess weight at a reduced price. Read about Excess weight and pre-booking extra baggage.

Book special bagage & excess weight

Sharp objects

Sharp objects such as scissors, nail files, pocket knives and corkscrews must be packed in checked-in luggage.

Childrens baggage

Baggage – children under 2 years


Children under the age of 2 may check in 10 kg of their own luggage and a collapsible stroller free of charge. Prams must be packaged in an approved protective bag for transport. The same conditions apply to child car seats. Please note that children under the age of 2 are not allowed to bring their own hand luggage. A child car seat can be packed in the same packaging as a stroller. (see more about checking in a stroller further down the page.)

Baggage – children 2-11 years


Children 2-11 years of age have the same baggage rules and permitted maximum weight as adult passengers. If you want to check in a baggage or stroller for children over 2 years of age, you must purchase allowance as special baggage. If you want to bring a stroller for a child over 2 years of age, the stroller is included in the permitted maximum weight. If you want to check in a child seat for children 2-11 years old, it will also be included in the permitted maximum weight.



Strollers are easily damaged and must therefore be packed. If necessary, remove wheels and other parts that can easily be damaged. Prams must be packaged in an approved protective bag for transport. Keep in mind that the stroller is transported in the hold of the aircraft together with other baggage.

The stroller is to be checked in with other baggage, if not brought as hand baggage to the cabin. It is not possible to leave it with staff at the gate.

Read more about traveling with children.

Hand luggage

Maximum size: 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Maximum weight: 5 kg. The following must be packed as hand luggage:

  • Money and other valuables, securities, and other hard-to-replace documents
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Jewellery, objects made of gold, silver, platinum and pearls and precious stones
  • Wristwatches and other watches
  • Computers, mobile phones, keys, cameras and video cameras.
  • Portable music and movie players (such as DVD and mp3) and portable speakers for these
  • Matches and lighters (max one box of matches or one lighter, must be carried in a pocket or close to the body)
  • Medicine
  • Food items
  • Electronic cigarettes

ATTENTION! It is strictly forbidden to put electronic cigarettes in checked baggage due to the risk of fire. E-cigarettes may only be transported in hand luggage. Fuel and/or refills for lighters are not permitted. The “strike anywhere” match is prohibited to transport in hand luggage, checked luggage or to carry with you.

Special baggage and sports equipment

Many of our destinations offer surf, green golf courses, cycle paths and exciting diving waters. To be sure of getting your sports equipment along, book it in advance. See how much it costs and what to do to bring special baggate on your trip.

Special baggage and Sports equipment

Excess baggage weight

If you know that you will exceed the allowed baggage limits, you can pre-book the extra baggage weight in advance at favorable prices.


Excess baggage weight

Lost & Found

Did you forget something on the plane? Or have your luggage been damaged during the flight? Here you can read more about what you can do to get help.

Lost & found

Frequently asked questions

Smart baggage

“Smart baggage” is a bag (backpack, suitcase or similar) that has a lithium battery/power bank max 100Wh. It can be used to charge electronic equipment such as iPhones, Ipads, laptops, etc. Alternatively, the purpose of the battery is to ensure that you can drive the bag electronically. If such a battery cannot be detached from the bag by the guest, then “Smart Baggage” will not be accepted on our flights.

Delayed baggage and damaged baggage

Here you can see what applies to delayed or damaged baggage.

Animals on board

Novair does not allow animals on board, neither in the cabin nor in the hold. The exception is assistance dogs.

Cargo transportation

At this time, Novair cannot assist with cargo transportation.

Forbidden items

For security reasons, a large number of substances and liquids are prohibited on board the aircraft and in checked baggage. This applies, for example, to compressed gases, corrosive and combustible substances, paint, fireworks, poisons and substances containing bacteria or viruses. If you want to know more about which rules apply regarding prohibited items or have other questions about this, you can find all the information at Transportstyrelsen.

Lithiumbatterier och hoverboards

Novair allows lithium batteries on board in accordance with The Swedish Transport Agency’s rules. Loose lithium batteries must be carried in hand luggage, and may not be checked in. Contact customer service if you have any questions. Please note that balance scooters (hoverboards, solowheels, etc.) powered by lithium batteries are not allowed on board Novair, neither in checked baggage nor hand luggage.