Opening hours for check-in

At our Scandinavian airports, check-in opens 2.5 -3.5 hours before the flight’s departure, and closes about 1 hour before departure. At airports outside of Scandinavia, opening hours may vary, so check with your tour operator at the destination for exact times. We recommend that you arrive well in advance.

In Arlanda airport you can already check-in your luggage 14 hrs. prior to departure. This is only possible in Arlanda airport.

Seat reservations

You cannot select seats during your check-in at the airport. If you want to choose where to sit on the plane, you can pre-book seats until 2 days before departure.

Online check-in 

Online check-in is open from 7 days up to 2 days before departure and is only available when departing from Scandinavia. You will receive a SMS when online check-in has opened and you can then check-in from home. You print your boarding pass in advance or download it to your phone. Please note that you still ned to go to the check-in machine at the airport to print your luggage tags, and then leave your bags at the baggage drop (Baggage Drop).

Check-in machines

At most Scandinavian airports there are check-in machines where check-in and printing of luggage tags is available. The check-in machines are typically open from 22 hours before departure, provided that the airport’s Baggage Drop, the place where you leave your luggage, is open.

How to check-in

When you use automatic check-in machines, there are clear instructions for how to proceed. Have your reservation number ready, then follow the on-screen instructions. The machine also produces luggage tags to attach to your luggage. When you’re done, go to the Baggage Drop where you leave your luggage and show your ID-documents.

Traveling with assistance

Please note that travelers who have requested assistance at the airport cannot use automatic check-in. This is because of the routines Novair and the airport have for these travelers.

Airport opening hours

For opening hours at your airport, we refer to the website of your departure airport.

Bagage Drop

Airport opening hours for Baggage Drop may vary, depending on the season and traffic at the airport.


Novair normally use the following terminals:

  • Stockholm: Arlanda, Terminal 5
  • Gothenburg: Landvetter, International
  • Copenhagen: Kastrup, Terminal 2
  • Billund airport: Main Terminal
  • Oslo: Gardemoen, Terminal 1

Security checks

Read about the security check at the Swedish airports.

Airport security

Reserve a seat in advance

If you want to reserve particular seat, you must do so no later than 2 days before departure.

Book your seat