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About Novair Education

Novair Education is Novair’s education department.

We offer advanced courses in CRM (Crew Resource Management), first aid, crisis management, realistic survival training and much more. We can also put together courses and programs according to your wishes. Our training was previously only available to airlines and the travel industry, but is now available to everyone, companies, associations and private individuals.

We possess the high level of competence demanded by the business world, and receive requests from various groups, ranging from banks, restaurants and the occasional preschool. By sharing our expertise externally, we develop ourselves and our programs and this gives us a broad basis to stand on.

The ambition for Novair Education’s courses is to surprise and come up with something new. We let the outside world inspire us and we often invite external partners who do not have a direct connection to the aviation industry to share experiences and knowledge.

Self-defense training togehter with Police, hijacking scenarios with the Task Force and Sea survival training with the Rescue Service are examples of where training is as close to reality as possible.

Tailored Courses. Do you need a mix or perhaps a specific part of a course?
If you cannot find the exact course you are looking for in the brochure or website, please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions. Our instructors are flexible and have experience in composing a training setup that enusre your company gets the most value from the training.

Questions and bookings

Contact our training coordinator today, for more information, booking and pricing