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To ensure you get the best possible seat on board, we recommend that you book your desired seat number, both on the way out and on the return trip. You can select one of our comfort-seats in the forward cabin with extra leg room, a window seat, a seat with provisions for a baby cradle, or any other seat that suits your needs. If you book your seat, you are also allowed given access to early check-in online, for an ever more comfortable journey.

If you are traveling in a larger group and only want to book for some of the travels in the groupĀ  – we kindly ask you to call us on on weekdays between 9am and 3pmĀ .

If you whish to cancel your seat reservation, please note that this must be done 4 days prior to departure, for full compensation . Cancelation made later than 4 days prior to departure, will have to be addressed to your insurance company.

Have you ordered taxfree?

Please note that if you have not already reserved your seat, you will automatically be allocated a seat on board 6 days before departure. This is so that the Taxfree bag will end up on your seat.

Therefore, make sure to book and secure your favorite seat no later than 6 days before departure if you have booked taxfree and want to sit in your chosen seat.


Passengers with booked seats can access early check in on-line 2-7 days before departure.

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Leg room on board Novair

Seat next to wall (Baby cradle. Row 1 A,B,C and row 2 D, E, F)

79 cm

Forward cabin (Increased leg room. Row 2 A,B,C. Rows 3-7 A-F, Row 8 D,E,F)

79 cm

Forward cabin (Standard leg room. Row 8 A,B,C rows 9-10)

74 cm

Aft cain (Standard leg room. Row 12-24, rows 26-38)

71 cm

Emergency exit (Most leg room. Row 11, row 25)

114 cm