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Food & Drinks

Food onboard

When traveling with Novair, we want you to already enjoy the start of your vacation on board the flight. Perhaps perhaps with a hot three-course meal delivered directly to your seat? It is all about the overall experience, where everything from taste to appearance, sustainability and impact on the environment is important. Our menu is chosen by and for Novair passengers, and we are proud of our high customer ratings.

Your vaccation starts onboard with Novair

Due to the current situation, we currently do not serve bread with the food. This is to minimize the risk of infection.

Meals can be booked already from home, easily and conveniently. Our menu selection includes several options. In addition to the Standard meal, you can choose a vegetarian or special diet. On some flights we also offer a Superior Meal. All menus include of a small starter, a main course and dessert. As a rounding off, coffee or tea is always included. As close as you can get to a restaurant at an altitude of 10,000 meters!

Our ambition is to, at high altitude, create an alternative to the wrapped sandwich at a stressful airport. A positive dining experience is a well-composed meal in peace and quiet, preferably in good company.

Adding meals to your journey

Adding meals is done through your tour operator, either when booking your trip, or by contacting them afterwards to add meals to your flight.

If anything is unclear, or you need any help, do not hesitate to contact Novair Customer Service.


The menus available on board at Novair are presented here. Please note that these menus are only examples of what can be served on board.

Standard Meal

Our most popular menu

The Standard Meal is our standard menu and the most popular to order. The menus look different depending on the departure and return journey, and are carefully composed to suit our guest on board.

Outbound flight

Nordic salmon (salad based on salmon and healthy oatmeal), crackers and soft cheese.

Hot dish
Herb-seasoned ground beef with celery cream and lemon risotto.

Delicate mini-macarons and a small piece of chocolate. Coffee or tea (toppings included of course).

Return flight

Mediterranean salad. Biscuits and soft cheese.

Hot dish
Angus beef with chilli bearnaise and diced potatoes.

A divine lemon tartlette as well as a small piece of chocolate. A cup of coffee or tea (toes included, of course).

Superior Meal

A more luxurious meal

The Superior Meal is a slightly more luxurious meal that is served on a large tray. Please note that the Superior Meal can only be ordered on selected flights.


“Surf and Turf”: Lemon and pepper marinated salmon and roast beef with pickled red onion, potato salad and sun-dried tomatoes.

Hot dish Superior Meal Fish
Salmon in hollandaise sauce with pommes duchesse accompanied by sugar beans and mini carrots.

Hot dish Superior Meal Meat
Grilled steak with potato gratin and red wine sauce accompanied by sun-dried tomatoes and mixed vegetables.

Manor cheese and Blue Cheese with quince marmalade.

Chocolate truffle.

Childrens menu

For our small passengers

Food should be fun, and that is something we have put a little extra thought into when it comes to the menu for children. For the younger ones (2-11 years) we serve a composed menu with delicious kids´ favourites. The cabin crew always serve children first, so that adults can help without their own food getting cold. The cabin crew will also happily help out with heating baby food for toddlers. To make the flight experience a little extra special, there is the Surprise Meal menu, which includes a fun toy as a surprise.

Outbound flight

A favorite with lasagna and orange juice, butter, crackers and soft cheese. Mini muffins with smarties to round off the meal.

Return flight

Meatballs in cream sauce with mashed potatoes, broccoli and mini carrots. Butter, bread and soft cheese. Choco chip cookie for dessert.

Children 0-2 years

For the very youngest, there is also the option of ordering food. The food served consists of the same menu that is served to children 2-11 years.


Of course, you can also choose vegetarian and vegan options on board Novair. Like our other menus, these consist of a starter, main course and dessert. If you want to book a vegetarian menu for your trip with Novair, do this in connection with booking the trip or no later than 3 days before the actual departure through your tour operator.

When you order a vegetarian or vegan meal, a starter and dessert are always included, as well as a hot main course as per below (sample menus):

Outbound flight 
Yellow curry with rice noodles

Return flight
Ratatouille with root vegetables and vegetarian steak.

Special diets

Special diets and requests

We all have different needs when it comes to our meals. At Novair we do our best to accommodate all requests, and therefore offer the following special diets.

  • Diabetes
  • Pork-free meal
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose and milk protein free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

The special diet menu is ordered and paid for in connection with booking the trip, or no later than 3 days before departure. For any questions regarding the special diet menu, please contact our customer service. If you suffer from severe allergies or from several different allergies, we recommend that you bring your own food on board. If you need to bring your own food we ask that you to notify our customer service, so that we can in turn notify the crew.

When you order food from our special menu, you are always served a starter and a dessert, as well as a hot main course as below (sample menus):

Meals for diabetics

Outbound flight
Yellow curry with rice noodles

Outbound flight
Ratatouille with root vegetables and vegetarian steak

Gluten-free meals

Outbound flight
Yellow Curry with rice noodles

Return flight
Green Thai curry with rice

Lactose-free and milk protein-free meals

Outbound flight
Ratatouille, contains chicken.

Return flight
Green Thai curry with rice

Pork-free meals

Outbound flight
Ratatouille, contains chicken.

Return flight
Green Thai curry with rice

Vegetarian and vegan meals

Outbound flight
Yellow curry with rice noodles

Return flight
Ratatouille with root vegetables and vegetarian steak.

Drink, dessert & snacks

Combine the meal with a tasty drink

Let the flavors come to life a little extra by combining the dish with a tasty drink. At Novair, in addition to water, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks, both red and white wine and rosé are served. The wines are specially selected to be served at high altitude, to minimize the effect on the known 20% loss of taste. How about a glass of chardonnay from Australia, or a glass of red Pinot Noir from New Zealand? A novelty is the light rosé wine Pinotage Rose from South Africa, which has received great appreciation.

Appreciated desserts

With Novair, you always get something good after your meal. It can be anything from a delicious mousse to a delicate pastry. One of our most popular desserts is our Lemon Tartlet, where passengers even call in to ask for the recipe!

An extra treat is a small piece of chocolate from French Valrhona, one of the most famous chocolate producers in the world.

Several different kinds of snacks

On board there is a wide range of snacks and drinks.

Superior Breakfast

An extra pleasant start to the journey

  • Appetizer: Cold cuts (ham, cheese, salami)
  • Hot dish: Scrambled eggs with bacon and Ratatouille
  • Accessories: Yoghurt, Jam / Marmalade
  • Dessert: Fresh fruit salad
  • Bread: Ciabatta bread dark and light

Did you know?

You don’t have to order for everyone travelling

You can choose to order food only on the outbound or return journey. You also don’t have to order food for the whole party, but only for those who want a meal served on board!

The food is prepared locally at our airports

Good quality meals must be fresh and feel homemade. Therefore the meals are prepared either on the same day as your flight, or in the afternoon/evening the day before your flight. An important aspect of our sustainability work is that this is done locally at our airports.

We help design the menus…

We work with three suppliers for our food products. They are selected with great care, where quality and environmental considerations are the most important selection criteria. We design our menus together with the main supplier Dafgård’s chefs. Novair’s catering manager Paul de Susini tests all the different dishes and makes a selection before a reference group then gets to rate and select the favourites, which are then served on board.

… which are chosen by and for our passengers

Did you know that you lose about 20% of the taste experience in the air? That’s why we test fly all dishes where our passengers on board get to join in and give their opinions on the meal served.

Our food boxes

Customized food boxes for a smaller footprint on the environment

We are proud of our food boxes. They are produced in Sweden from cardboard produced from Swedish forests. Together with the supplier we have adapted the boxes to suit us. They are easy to use on the flight and do not take up too much space at the table. But, perhaps the best thing is that they weigh so little. We don’t just want the food to be served in a pleasant way – it must also be fuel efficient. Our light food boxes save approx. 14 kg of carbon dioxide per flight, and approx. 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which leaves a smaller footprint on the environment. We also collect all food boxes after the flight and send them for incineration, so that nothing is thrown away or littered.

Right now we are working on getting rid of all plastic used on board.

Bringing food on board

Keep in mind that it is not allowed to bring your own food on board. This is because we cannot then guarantee safety and comfort for allergy sufferers. The exception to this is carry-on food for infants under 2 years of age.